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Eight Amazing Promotion Ideas To Market Your Restaurant

Bring previous visitors back again, get new customers, and watch profits increase. Your restaurant promotion ideas make a big difference in your business success. Promotions help market your restaurant to your target audience, so unleash your imagination. Why Is It Important to Promote Your Restaurant? Promotions are important because they help you achieve your goals. Some of these goals might be: Increasing brand awareness Boosting sales Promoting certain menu items Getting more traffic during slow times Informing people of an upcoming event Anything you can think of can be promoted. First Thing’s First Before you start marketing, make sure you

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Menu of a restaurant named "Wine Food"

How To Be Successful In The Restaurant Industry

Running a restaurant can be tricky, especially if you are a first-time restaurateur. This industry is fraught with problems ranging from budget issues to staffing shortages. However, you can have restaurant success with the help of these useful tips to get you going. Before You Get Started There are many things to consider before running a restaurant. Once you have a solid business plan in place, your brick-and-mortar foodie spot can become a reality. Concept – What is the whole idea behind your restaurant? Focus on the type of food you want to serve, and whether the setting will be

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10 Innovative Restaurant Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business In 2023

Restaurant marketing tools are essential for growing your business. They help you keep track of your customers and their orders. The best marketing tools for restaurants can send out automated messages to boost sales and draw people in using images and video content. By removing menial manual tasks, you can keep focused on making great food and getting the dishes out of the kitchen and into hungry mouths. Restaurant Marketing Tools 1. Sprout Social – Instead of wasting hours multiple times every day posting to a bunch of different platforms, set up a posting schedule. Sprout is a great social

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Trendy Restaurant Menu Items in the menu book

10 Trendy Restaurant Menu Items To Attract Customers In 2023

Capture the attention of potential customers by taking advantage of social media. You can stay on top of your game and become the “IT” restaurant by navigating your digital presence correctly.  This means marketing your food and drink to attract attention and adding some trendy restaurant menu items to draw in a crowd. Unique restaurant menu items make your venue stand out so be sure to get creative with your dishes. How Social Media is Influencing the Restaurant Industry What makes you stop and look at a post? When scrolling through social media images on Instagram, a captivating picture makes

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Woman calculating bills on a calculator

How To Keep Customers During Inflation?

It’s time to face facts. Costs of ingredients are going up because of inflation, making grocery shopping for your food service establishment difficult. Inflated prices are even making it hard to control your budget and pay wages. How do you keep costs manageable while ensuring you have enough products for in-person dining and orders from your online ordering system? There are creative ways to do so but first… Expenses –What They Are and What is Involved 1. Cost of Goods Sold – These include the ingredients you need to create your dishes and drinks. 2. Operations – This includes everything

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Three wooden cubes with emojis on them

Restaurant Survey Questions – What To Find Out

If you read the restaurant survey questions from our blog last month,  you may be looking for additional questions to ask your customers. Survey questions in the food industry are important in helping you better understand your target audience and grow your business. Customer feedback about your website, menus, and ease of ordering gives crucial insight into satisfying the needs of your visitors, allowing you to focus on what you are doing right and make alterations to areas of concern. Your restaurant’s success relies on good communication and great service.   How to Conduct a Survey There are many ways to

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