About us

Our Mission

247waiter empowers restaurant owners directly

Give Control back

Empower the restaurant owner to take control of their online presence & orders. Saving money in the process. Your website, your online ordering system, your customer data, your sales.

your success is our success

Help the restaurant owner launch a website and/or an online ordering system. Your success means a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with us!

We're Different

We take out all the risk & fear by offering a 30-day free trial! & No contracts to show you we are serious about helping your business & saving you money!

What We Offer

247waiter is a do-it-yourself (with our help of course) online ordering and website platform for restaurants (or food related businesses) small and large. We provide a branded and completely customized food ordering system matching your restaurant’s colors & seamlessly integrating with your existing site. Whether you are a single location restaurant owner or a corporate franchise with locations across different cities/states, 247waiter’s highly-scalable online ordering solution can easily power and process your web orders.

Our Core Values

Give Control Back

We believe in giving control back to the restaurants & save them from the insanely high commissions! Your restaurant, your sales, your menu - your customers should not see other menus to order form (hint hint portals).

Give Control Back

We aim to provide a complete solution that takes care of all your online presence. A-Z.

Your partner

We strongly believe in truly helping your business & making your busy life as a restaurateur easy! Your success is our success, which is why we offer a free trial, no contracts and free, easy setup!

30 Day Free Trial, Free Setup, No Contracts

30 Day free trial, free setup, no contracts