The Role of Social Media In Driving Online Orders For Restaurants

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With the expansion of the digital world, social media marketing has become one of the predominant ways to get your message out there. You can gain a ton of customers by using social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, by integrating your online ordering food system into social media you can create awareness and gain customers.

Get Everyone Talking

The first step to getting people to use your online ordering system for restaurants is to make it known you have an easy-to-use digital system in place. Social media can help attract and encourage customers to interact with your website and utilize your services. You can accomplish this by:

  • Create Posts for Free Advertising – Let your social media followers know you have a way to order delicious food and drink online by posting information in ads and stories.  You can create a link in your post that directs them to your online ordering page. Let them know important details like pick-up and delivery options.
  • Talk About It – Social interaction is important. Connecting with people through your digital platform offers a personalized experience. Posts that ask current customers to share what they liked most about your online ordering system encourage new customers to try it out.  Reward your social media followers with discounts or free items to encourage further engagement with them and their connections.
  • Sharing – Get referrals through the process of sharing. Have people post and tag you about their positive online ordering experience from your restaurant. This can draw in an audience that didn’t even know you existed. Make sure to comment and like these shares to stay connected to your customers so they remain loyal to your business.

For the Win

Make your online ordering food system stand out by offering specials. People are more inclined to order from a business that gives them something in return for their patronage. You can create a menu with slightly different options that cater specifically to your take-out clients. It is important that your meals stay hot and look just as delicious after being transported via vehicle. These differences can encourage engagement among people who don’t normally come to your restaurant. Convenience and an easy-to-use ordering system are key to your online customers. Be sure to offer something different that appeals to their taste buds and style of ordering.

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Deepening the Interaction

Think about what encourages you to keep following certain companies on social media. Is it because they provide opportunities for you to win something? Companies that align with their customers’ wants and offer free stuff occasionally are likely ones worth keeping updated on. Incorporate this advertising hook into your restaurant’s social media channel. Ask customers to post a picture or video of the dishes that they receive via your online ordering system and tag you and their friends for the chance to win a free meal. Getting people to advertise for you helps increase awareness of your brand. Gifting a freebie every once in a while, not only benefits the winning customer but helps improve your bottom line.

How Else to Market Your Food Ordering Platform?

Do you feel like you have exhausted every idea? Think again! There are many ways to market your food ordering platform by posting on your social channels when you:

  • Have new menu items.
  • Are running promotions.
  • Repost a customer’s post about your online ordering platform.
  • Changes in the way customers can order.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Platform

Ensuring your social media stands out relies heavily on the quality and appearance of your photos, especially on a picture-heavy platform like Instagram. Make sure you set your standards high and follow through. Customers notice new stories and interesting posts, making them more inclined to order from you when you have a profile that pops. Add bold lettering, bright colours, and catchy phrases to grab the attention of your digital audience.

Using hashtags helps people find you so think about using some popular restaurant industry tags like:

  • #foodie
  • #foodstagram
  • #foodporn

The power of social media can help encourage both existing and new customers to place orders from your online ordering food system.  It all starts with an easy-to-use, reliable platform that gives you the freedom and creativity to express who your business is. At 247 Waiter, we focus on providing the restaurant industry with an online ordering system that seamlessly integrates into your food service business.

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