The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: Exploring the Virtual Side of Food Delivery

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Small cartoon ghost icons on a yellow background

Things are changing in the restaurant industry. Many restaurants are now putting their efforts into an online ordering food system. Ever since the pandemic, new and exciting virtual restaurants have been using brick-and-mortar spaces for delivery-only meals. People love to order online and eat in the comfort of their homes, so why not gain their business by letting a ghost kitchen take over when you are not open? You can incorporate a ghost kitchen concept into your existing restaurant and operate it yourself or share the space with budding entrepreneurs who need a place to do business. Virtual restaurants are a great way to add to your profits.

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

This is a space where cooking occurs solely for delivery. There is no dine-in option, no tables and chairs, no need for wait staff, and no expense for costly table linens. A ghost kitchen is either using the space of another restaurant when they are closed or a purposely designed kitchen-only zone whose restaurant exists solely in cyberspace. 

How Ghost Kitchens Profit

There are many ways ghost kitchens save money.

  • Ghost Space – A ghost kitchen may not need a space to rent out at all. Some businesses are run from a personal residence or use an existing restaurant facility during off hours. Costs are reduced by eliminating expensive rental spaces.
  • Start-up Without the Costs – When you don’t have to worry about building out an entire commercial kitchen you can save on start-up costs. This allows you to use a space quicker without having to wait for delivery and installation of equipment like stoves and fridges. This means you can start earning profits sooner.
  • Quickly Get Sorted – Forget having to wait for permits when you have a kitchen already up and running. You can start getting food out without going through tons of paperwork.
  • Staffing – You only need to staff the kitchen and people to deliver food. You can even choose to skip this last step if using an online ordering system that allows for pick-up meals only.  This can greatly decrease your costs and allow you to use higher quality ingredients, making dishes that cost a little more, but end up giving you a great return on your culinary efforts.
A kitchen with marble counter tops and a sink

How to Incorporate the Ghost Kitchen Idea into Your Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant

Ghost kitchens take full advantage of technology by using apps or websites built specifically for an online ordering food system. You can take advantage of this by having your own online ordering system for restaurants.

  • Less Chance for Mistakes – Errors are less likely to occur when you have an online ordering system. Information is input straight from the customer and the system analyzes it for errors which are flagged and corrected instantly. Fewer errors mean happier customers and less compensation like free drinks or discounts offered for mistakes.  
  • Digital Presence – Potential customers are everywhere but without an online presence you are losing out on a demographic of patrons who enjoy the convenience of online ordering. Additionally, by connecting with a software developer you can save money when there is only a one-time fee for setting up your own online ordering system. There is no need for your profits to get eaten away by a 3rd party food delivery commission every time an order is made.
  • Unique Offerings – Your ghost kitchen can provide an array of dishes for online orders only. Take advantage of a to-go menu that offers a unique appeal to add to your roster of online order customers.
  • Focus on the Food – When you only create online orders you can focus on the details of each dish. Managing reservations, hiring servers, and monitoring tables are all eliminated when you offer take-out and delivery only through an online food ordering system. This gives you the chance to stay away from the chaos that often comes with dine-in customers and delights your online patrons with amazing food.  

When people are excited about ordering your food, it won’t matter where it is being made. So, why not operate without some of the expenses you currently incur? The ghost kitchen concept can really add to what you do now.

Try It Out

Experimentation is a key to getting things off the ground. Even if you are doing well in the restaurant business and love the brick-and-mortar setup you have, trying out some ghost kitchen ideas can help build your brand or create a new profitable concept.  One way to do this is by incorporating an online ordering food system. Contact us at 247 Waiter to see how our platform streamlines your business.

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