Benefits of Websites For Restaurants With Online Ordering

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A lady standing in the kitchen and reviewing online ordering on her tablet

Do you want to improve profits for your restaurant? Then you should consider a website with an easy way for customers to use online ordering. Your customers want the convenience of choosing their meals through a digital method so they can pick up their food or have it delivered without waiting around. Restaurant online ordering platforms catch the digital audience and offer a satisfying way for them to enjoy the food they love and choose how they want to get it.  Sure, everyone likes a night out now and then but savouring a great meal at home can be just as delicious.  

Why Have a Website with Online Ordering?

Instead of calling in to place orders or doing so in person, website ordering allows the customer full control over what they want. They can view images of the food they are about to get, consider prices, and read full descriptions. An online ordering platform allows the customer to add notes to customize their order to add extras like more cheese or eliminate something due to an allergy. They will be pleased when their meal arrives exactly as requested.

Browsing your website before and after helps them discover more about your restaurant and creates a connection to your business. Hiring a restaurant website builder with online ordering knowledge lets you focus on cooking and spend less time on back-end computer stuff.

  • Save Money – Forget about using a third party that takes a bite out of your profit every time someone orders from you. Using a software program that offers a one-time fee gives you your own branded website with ordering capabilities directly from the site.
  • Save Time – Instead of manually taking payment for orders, you can rely on an online ordering system to do so for you. This saves you and your employees time, letting you focus on the customers in front of you and the food being made instead of trying to make calculations.
  • Less Error – Computer programs are smart. Let the online ordering system calculate the final bill, add in the tax, and delivery fees so there is less chance of human error. Artificial intelligence really can help you out because it is programmed to not make mistakes. Any errors or glitches can be caught in the system tracking.
  • Easier on Customers – Your customers will love that they can read through the entire menu and talk to their friends about it without feeling rushed to place their order. No one is waiting while they decide. This also helps the customer to stay within their budget for their entire order as they can see the entire bill before entering payment.
A lady reviewing the packed boxes with a laptop in front of her
  • Contactless – For those customers who are feeling under the weather and don’t want to transfer their virus to anyone else, they will love contactless ordering. Online ordering allows them to enjoy restaurant food without going out. Everything from ordering to payment to receiving their food is done without ever having to interact with anyone in person. The order can be left at your door where they can take it in and eat.
  • Drive More Sales – Do you want to add to your profit? Surely you do! Create promotions on your restaurant’s online ordering platforms. Customers love a deal and offering loyalty rewards stimulates repeat business. Your website is the ideal place to advertise. LTOs (limited-time offers) are also a great enhancement to drive more sales, especially during a slow season. Offering discounts for multiple orders or on bills of $100 or more can add to the overall sale.
  • Increase Your Reach – You can gain a ton of new customers by simply having a website with online ordering. By delivering to a wide area in your city, you can reach customers who may otherwise have never ordered from you before. Let’s face it, gas and parking costs are on the rise. Customers who don’t want to drive the distance to your establishment and incur extra costs will appreciate getting their food delivered no matter where they live.
  • Understand Your Customers – Knowledge is power. Gain valuable insight into your customers’ ordering habits through an online ordering platform. Customer data is saved in the platform allowing you to use this to your advantage. Send messages directly to notify your customer that their favourite order is on promotion. Analyze the popularity of menu items to keep good-selling products available and nix ones that no one orders.

Ready, Set, Order

At 247 Waiter, we can help you with all your set-up needs for a website and online ordering system. It only takes a few minutes to register, become part of the digital world, and start reaping the rewards. Your visualization of profits skyrocketing can become a reality! Restaurant online ordering platforms are crucial in the industry, so be sure to get on board to take full advantage of this technology.

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