Online Ordering System Cost

Our online ordering system cost is very simple & straightforward. We don’t hide anything. No hidden fees! Everything is displayed below for you so you can see for yourself & make an informed decision. For just $1.50 per day, our entry level plan gives you everything you need to successfully launch your restaurant’s website and an online ordering system. Also scroll down all the way to see all features!

Keep in mind, this online ordering system cost includes: full website with online ordering, mobile friendly website with built in online ordering, hosting, SSL security certificate, ability for your customers to pay online all built into 1 system. You DO NOT need to even have another website, you can use our system and save on hosting fees, web designer fees etc..  Not to forget, saving 1000s from not paying commissions to food ordering portals.

per month

Setup FREE!
SSL Certificate / Encryption FREE!
Order Transmission Fee $0.25
Setup Time 7-10 Days

ONLY applies if you take online payment through our system. Lower fees than PayPal, Square, Amazon etc..!!

Visa / MC / Discover 2.5% + $0.25
Amex Cards 3.5% + $0.25

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Orders by E-mail lists_page_icon_3
Orders by Fax lists_page_icon_3
Unlimited Menu Items lists_page_icon_3
Menu Item Pictures lists_page_icon_3
Group Ordering lists_page_icon_3
Order Scheduling lists_page_icon_3
Pay in Person lists_page_icon_3
Pay Online lists_page_icon_3
Set Restaurant Hours lists_page_icon_3
Set Delivery Hours lists_page_icon_3
Order Time Calculator lists_page_icon_3
Dine In/Pick Up/Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Delivery Zones lists_page_icon_3
 Custom Pages lists_page_icon_3
Picture Gallery lists_page_icon_3
Delivery Area Map lists_page_icon_3
Directions lists_page_icon_3
 Customer Registration lists_page_icon_3
 Contact Form lists_page_icon_3
 Customize Site lists_page_icon_3
 Website Integration lists_page_icon_3
 Menu Search lists_page_icon_3
 Domain Name Setup lists_page_icon_3
 Customer Database lists_page_icon_3
 Coupons / Discounts lists_page_icon_3
 E-Mail Marketing lists_page_icon_3
 Sales Data / Reports lists_page_icon_3
 Custom SEO lists_page_icon_3
 Local Search Setup lists_page_icon_3
 DIY Dashboard lists_page_icon_3
 Manage Website lists_page_icon_3
 Manage Menu / Prices lists_page_icon_3
 Manage Pictures lists_page_icon_3
 Customize Site lists_page_icon_3
 Turn Ordering ON/OFF lists_page_icon_3
Priority Support lists_page_icon_3
 Review Your Menu lists_page_icon_3
 Update Your Menu lists_page_icon_3
 Build Your Menu lists_page_icon_3

Don’t understand how online ordering for your restaurant will work?