Online Ordering System Benefits

Benefits of your restaurant ordering system below. These will take your business from simple to sophisticated

Online Ordering System Benefits

The online ordering system benefits below are divided into 2 categories:
Online Ordering System Features

This section covers benefits & features all related to the online ordering functionality.

Restaurant Website Features

Features & Benefits related to the website you get as part of the online ordering system

All of these features can be managed, turned on/off from the back-end Admin area you will get after you get started. You don’t have to be technical at all. Can easily make changes instantly and update settings, prices, changes all on your own.

Online Ordering System Benefits

Ordering System Benefits

open 24 / 7

Your restaurant closes at night, your website does not. Customers can see your menu and schedule orders any time day or night for when you are open. Your online “waiter” will never complain!

Print / Fax / E-Mail

Your fax machine or printer will print out your customer’s order (E-mail also sent). You’ll get an automated call or a text message alert to let you know as soon as an order is placed

Pay Online / Pay in Person

Customers can securely pay for their order online using their credit card or they can pay in person. Whichever is convenient for you. We support both options.

Take Group Orders

Business Customers? Large Orders? Take group orders from as many people as you want. Customers put their names next to items they want to make it easy when preparing orders.

Mobile App / Tablet Ordering

Mobile / Tablet friendly website with ordering capability. Your customers can order/see your menu either through their browser or use their mobile phones.

Delivery Orders

Offer delivery? Only offer delivery service? Your online ordering system can be configured to only accept delivery orders. Customer indicate delivery when placing their order.

Delivery Area & Restrictions

Draw your own delivery zones (Up to 15 zones) or use delivery radius. Set order minimums and delivery charges for each zone separately.

Customer Data

We give you access to your customer data so you can better understand & market directly to your own customers. (Email/Phone #/Address)

Scheduled Orders

Your business hours are programmed into our system. Customers can only place orders that can be scheduled within your business hours. Ordering at 2am, customer has to pick a date/time you are open.

Coupons / Discounts

Create Public and Private Coupons to give discounts to existing & new customers. Market coupons to your existing customer database

Menu Items / Pictures

Unlimited menu categories & items. List your whole menu. Including catering menu. Additionally, upload pictures for each menu item.

Phone / Text Alerts

After an order is placed, our system will either give you a phone call or text alert (based on your settings) to let you know you have an online order.

Website Features

You can attach a “.com” to your online ordering for restaurants site. Whether using us for a full website or just online ordering, you can have a domain name pointing to your site.

Stats & analytics

Connect your site/online ordering system to Google Analytics and analyze your web traffic and customer data. You can see where customers are finding you and coming to your site.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile / Tablet friendly website with ordering capability. Your customers can order/see your menu either through their browser or use their mobile phones.

Picture Gallery

Add a Picture Gallery to your site and add pictures of your restaurant, food, staff, special events at your establishment. Pictures are shown in an organized thumbnail/full image format.

Give Directions

Your customers can automatically get directions to your establishment by providing their full address/city/zip code. Directions are provided on your site. No need to leave.

Search Engine Optimization

Your online ordering website is search engine friendly and allows you to get great rankings. Site also allows for custom title tags, meta keywords & descriptions.

Color Customization

Want your website or online ordering site to match your restaurant’s colors & style? No problem, change the colors to anything you like with a click of a button or let our graphics guys do it professionally.

Custom Pages

Create extra pages for your site such as About Us, Events, History. This allows our solution to be the only thing you need if you currently don’t have a site & want the whole package.

check out a few live sites that use our online ordering system:

30 day Free trial, free setup, no contracts

30 Day free trial, free setup, no contracts