Restaurant Online Ordering Demo and Client Sites

Restaurant Online Ordering Demo

Features to look for and see

Scroll down for our restaurant online ordering demo sites and a small sample of actual live restaurant websites. Click around and actually check the sites. Our flexible template can accommodate all restaurant and food types. Keep in mind, some clients use our system just for online ordering (have a separate website). Some clients use the service as their only presence on the web (a website and an ordering system). We can easily add a domain to the site so you are able to use it as your main website as well at no extra charge!

On each restaurant website, make sure to check out the following features (some might not be enabled or showing on all sites):

  • Categories and Items (with the ability to customize order with topping modifiers)
  • Delivery Map
  • Images for Menu Items
  • Gallery Images
  • Slideshow Images for the restaurant
  • Identifiable Group Ordering (10 orders, 10 different names)
  • Location/Map of Restaurant (with ability to see driving directions)
  • Coupon Codes (under the cart area)
  • Restaurant Alerts for specials and promotions (shown on the Demo sites)
  • Menu search function
  • Ability to Order Coupon Deals (2 Medium Pizzas, 2 Subs etc..)
  • Custom Navigation Tabs for Static Pages (About Us, Downloadable Menu, Events etc..)
  • and much more…see all online ordering system benefits

Don't understand how online ordering for your restaurant will work?

30 day free trial, Free Setup, No Contracts

30 Day free trial, free setup, no contracts