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5 Things Your Restaurant Website Needs to Improve

5 Things Your Restaurant Website Needs to Improve

Many of the restaurant websites out there today are big on flash and little on substance or quality, and that is hurting their business. Having loud music that starts playing as soon as a visitor arrives to the site without a way to turn it off, difficult navigation, and fuzzy photos of food are just some of the problems that website restaurants suffer from today. People know they need to have a website, but they simply have no idea what goes into making a good site. Fortunately, you can fix these things and get your website into stellar shape.

1. Clear and Simple Navigation

When a customer comes to your restaurant website, they do not want to be greeted with useless information on the front page, and they do not want to have to turn off videos and music that you have on the site. They want to know about the type of food you serve, your hours, your location, and the menu. You need to make sure the navigation for the site is simple, and that it is easy to get to all your pages with a click or two.

This does not mean your website needs to be boring. It can and should have personality. However, you can add personality in your text and photos. You never want to have eclectic navigation or extraneous features on the site that distract people from their original purpose of visiting.

2. The Right Color Scheme

When developing a website, you need to think carefully about the color scheme that you are using. Colors can do several things. They can Mobile Restaurant Websitehelp with your branding for starters. The colors can also help to make the site easier to read. If you have ever tried to read red text on a green background or vice versa, you know it is nearly impossible. You want everything to be as easy for your visitors as possible, and you also want their experience to be comfortable. Use complementary colors that go well together and always make sure the text is legible and large enough for people to read without trouble.

It’s best if your overall website theme is just a few colors, not every color in the rainbow! You don’t have to limit yourself to these colors, but you don’t want to have so many colors that they become distracting. Consider the overall aesthetics of your site, and err on the side of simplicity rather than extravagance.

3. Good Locally Targeted Content

You should have good content on your site that targets the local area. This simply means using the name of the city or town where the restaurant is located, as well as the neighborhood. This helps to improve SEO, and it allows people who are looking for a restaurant in your area to more easily find yours when they are searching through Google or one of the other search engine sites.

Your pages should all have your location information on them, along with your phone number. The site should also have an about us page, where you can go into more detail about your restaurant and its history and mission. You can also add geotargeted content to that page, as well. You should have a menu on the site, and perhaps some descriptions of your most popular dishes.

However, you do not have to stop there when it comes to content. You can add a blog and continually add fresh content at least once per week. This will make the search engines love your site even more. You can create an array of different content for your blog. You could add information about some of the employees, contests at the restaurant, things to do in the area, specials you might be running, and more.

4. Great Photos Are Essential

Pictures are vital to any restaurant website, but many do not add enough photos, or they utilize low quality images thinking that they are “good enough”. If you want to get customers through the door, they need to see what you offer. This means you need to have images of the dishes you serve. You do not need to have a catalog of everything that you make, but having some highlights that can go along with the menu is a great way to whet the appetites of hungry people looking for a place to dine.

In addition to the photos of the food, you should have some photos of the restaurant inside and outside. You might also want to have some photos some staff members. Just make sure all the images are high-quality and that they add to, rather than detract from, the site. If you do not have the capacity to take high-quality images (most phones these days take amazing, great high quality pictures!), hire a photographer who can do it for you.

5. You Need to Have a Mobile Site, Too

Today, many people are looking up restaurants while they are already out and on the go. They use their phones or tablets for this, and that means you need to have a mobile website, or a responsive website, for those guests. The customer should have a good experience, with easy navigation, no matter what device they are using to view your site. If you do not have a mobile site, it could be cutting down on the number of visitors to your restaurant. It is no longer just a good idea to have a mobile site; it is essential.

Here’s a bonus tip for the digital age that can help your restaurant business. Make sure you are a part of the major social media sites, and get active with your fans and followers. It is a great way to build loyalty to your restaurant and to get more people coming back to your restaurant.

Make sure you look at your website with a critical eye and consider the tips in this article so you can see just where you need to improve it. Make your website better and see just what a difference it can make.

Restaurant Websites – More Valuable Than You Think

You’ve invested a lot in your restaurant. Everything from the chefs and ingredients to the decor and music got your complete attention. It doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t get the customers in! Far too many restaurants, especially independent ones, don’t have restaurant websites. In this day and age, that’s a cardinal sin for restaurateurs. With such a competitive landscape in the industry, customers have so many places to choose from, so it’s up to you to make it easier for them to find you and come to you.

Why restaurant websites are valuable?

A recent study by the industry’s information and analytics provider, Restaurant Science, showed that more than half of all independent restaurants surveyed didn’t have a website at all. In addition, less than 40% have their menus online. There are people who hardly ever eat at a restaurant without checking out its menu on the internet first. Or, if they’re browsing through several online restaurant menus to decide where they want to eat, they wouldn’t consider your restaurant because your menu simply wasn’t there. That’s just part of the problem. Lots of people prefer to order their food online rather than find a number and call the restaurant. If they’re already online looking for a restaurant, it’s just easier and faster to order something through a website. That means you’re losing customers who can’t be bothered to pick up the phone. As you can see, you could be really hurting your business if you don’t have a restaurant website that displays your menu and maybe even allows your customers to order online.

You want to have a website, so now what?

You don’t have to worry about how to go about creating and maintaining a website for your restaurant. There is a very simple and cost-effective way that takes it out of your hands. can help your business succeed by building and setting up a website for you and creating a streamlined online ordering system for just a low monthly fee. All you have to do sign up with information about your restaurant, a copy of your menu and any graphics or color specifics that you’d like. A website will be set up free of cost with an online ordering system where your customers can browse through your menu and order items easily. The system can provide for both online and in person payments through a completely secure platform. It will also be available 24/7 to all customers, so that they can see the menu and schedule a delivery ahead of time. Once the order comes in, it can be faxed or emailed to you and you can get a text alert as well. Anytime you want to make a change to your website or menu, you can do so yourself via an easy click of a button. This streamlined and secure package is available to you for a 30 day trial free of cost, so if you don’t like it, you don’t lose anything. There’s no contract or upfront fees, just a low monthly payment.

Why not take every advantage you can get for your business? A restaurant website can guarantee more customers and you’ll see what you’ve been missing all this time without one.

FREE Website for Your Restaurant

Our solution kills 2 birds with 1 stone. You DON’T need to get both a website and an online ordering solution. With us, you get both in 1 because the site we give you is as a website and an online ordering system. We can add your own domain (“.com”) to it as well.

If your restaurant currently does not have a website, signing up for our restaurant online ordering system will give your restaurant a FREE professionally built restaurant website. We will put together the website for you and match it to your restaurant’s theme and colors.  After signing up, just send us your menu and any pictures you’d like on your website. Keep in mind, this website will have an online ordering system built into it, so there’s no need to pay extra fees to set up the restaurant’s online ordering solution.

Both the website and the online ordering system is mobile friendly (web app) and your customers can easily see your menu/place their order either from their computer (PC) or their mobile/tablet devices.

What your restaurant website can look like:
(click image to view the sample restaurant website)

1) Demo Mediterranean Site


2) Demo Pizza / Italian Restaurant Site


3) Asian Restaurant Site


4) Burger / Fast Food Restaurant Site


5) Cupcakes / Bakery Site


Your Restaurant Website Shouldn’t Suck!

People like to have dinner in a calm, comfortable, and friendly place, without any disturbance from loud groups and music. People will not want to visit restaurants where the waiters ask for tip before service has been delivered. The above issues do not commonly occur in the real world, indeed; however, in the virtual world, most restaurant websites bring about bad experiences to customers worst than the above!

Most restaurant websites are poorly designed; filled with too much clutter on the pages making them too heavy to load. Customers need basic information on a restaurant website such as address, phone numbers and menu, most restaurant websites load unnecessary loud music and flash animations on the main page. Even worse, the intended information is not there! Another main issue is the restaurant menu itself. Most restaurant websites upload PDF files of their menu! Customers have to download the menu in order to see it. In most cases, PDF files take relatively long to download, especially when the file is accessed from handheld devices. This is a big NO NO for your business!

Simply put, your restaurant customers mainly need to see your address, phone numbers, menu and pricing. This simple information should be listed on the main page, without playing loud music, large heavy photos, or any other non-needed clutter. Most restaurant websites fail to deliver these basics; they tend to use large pages & unnecessary graphics that don’t contain any useful information for the customer. Restaurant owners need to realize that customers visit their websites with a specific purpose! Nowadays, people like to see where they might be going and look at the menu ahead of time to see what they’ll be eating. Most of this is even done using their phones. In fact, a good deal of research and ordering food is done online through people’s phones.

People compare different products, even the services from restaurants; furthermore, they make decision based on their research  online (Hint hint: Yelp Reviews!). Restaurants need to know that there’s competition between restaurants in the Internet world as well. The bad news for restaurant owners, people quickly leave poorly-designed websites where they can’t find anything and will try to find another place to eat. It is actually very simple; people see the main pages of the restaurant website and make a judgement about the restaurant itself. The necessary information such as address, menu, prices, and operating hours must be easily visible. Perhaps, some pictures of the building and interior furniture