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Mobile Websites for Restaurants

Most restaurant websites fail to deliver the most basic information required by customers. Basic info such as phone number, hours, address, menu, specials are often neglected. Unfortunately many restaurant owners focus on design only, instead of the contents. In many cases, customers can’t even find the menu; even worse, some menus are heavy PDF files that take too long to load or the site is filled with so many graphics which makes the whole site slow. Instead of finding what they need on the website, customers end up seeing a ton of graphics and hear annoying background music. With any

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Restaurant Owners, Your Customers Will Love You!

Dear Restaurant Owner, Here’s what your customers has to say… Like most people I work hard to provide for my family.  Some nights I don’t want to cook and in today’s technologically advanced age, the convenience of online ordering is a wonderful thing.  Yes while I do have a cell phone, I don’t want to call a restaurant, ask what they have on the menu, ask what’s in specific dishes, all the while trying to remember the names and prices of those that sound interesting. This is the main appeal to a restaurant having its own website. I can see it

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Allowing Restaurant Customers to Order Online Increases Sales

Hungry customers are now provided the option from many innovative and sales-conscious restaurants of placing their meal orders online through their computers or cell phones. Marketing studies have determined that this usually results in larger sales. Restaurant owners and managers have long known that making it easy for customers to order is one of the keys to optimizing food sales, and it doesn’t get much easier than pointing and clicking on an item on a restaurant’s website. Those who take advantage of convenient online ordering are often busy, time-pressed professionals. Others might be active families with several mouths to feed,

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How Does Our Online Ordering System Work?

The following process is the same for both the web version and mobile version. Screen shots below is for the web version. 1. Restaurant Menu Items Our restaurant ordering system is simple, yet sophisticated. You can have an unlimited number of food items all divided into their appropriate categories & sub-categories. These will be professionally displayed on your website & online ordering system for your customers to browse and choose from. See image below: 2. Choosing What to Order Your customers browse through your menu and choose as many items as they want to order. Our online ordering software is

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Restaurant Websites – More Valuable Than You Think

You’ve invested a lot in your restaurant. Everything from the chefs and ingredients to the decor and music got your complete attention. It doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t get the customers in! Far too many restaurants, especially independent ones, don’t have restaurant websites. In this day and age, that’s a cardinal sin for restaurateurs. With such a competitive landscape in the industry, customers have so many places to choose from, so it’s up to you to make it easier for them to find you and come to you. Why restaurant websites are valuable? A recent study by the industry’s

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High-Tech Restaurant Marketing

If any business wants to remain relevant and profitable there is a need to understand that the customer is the most important part of the whole equation. Without customers, there is no business! Therefore it is vital keep your customers happy. A restaurant or any other business cannot continue with the most basic of operations without customers. In order to bring customers into a restaurant, marketing is vital and not just any kind of marketing but targeted marketing. Most restaurants fail with their marketing because of the way they go about doing it. Restaurants are known to mail out their

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