Restaurant Owners, Your Customers Will Love You!

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Dear Restaurant Owner,

Here’s what your customers has to say…

Like most people I work hard to provide for my family.  Some nights I don’t want to cook and in today’s technologically advanced age, the convenience of online ordering is a wonderful thing.  Yes while I do have a cell phone, I don’t want to call a restaurant, ask what they have on the menu, ask what’s in specific dishes, all the while trying to remember the names and prices of those that sound interesting. This is the main appeal to a restaurant having its own website. I can see it for myself, get the input of my family and all in less than half the time it would take for me to call them and ask.  To make it even easier on me, the customer, to be able to place an order at the same time, now that is a wonderful thing!

Let’s say the restaurant has a website with the menu listed but no way to order. Well now its extra work on my part! I’ve gone out of my way to pull up the company, review the dishes, and now I have to call them just to place my order. What if they get my order wrong? What if my daughter changes her mind at the last minute? As the consumer I want the guarantee that it is right the first time without hoping that whoever took the call didn’t mess it up.

As a restaurant owner you want to get the word out there about the quality of your food, your selections, and your customer service. What better way to do this than letting 247Waiter handles your site and online ordering system? Read the testimonials for yourself and see what others have to say about the service we can provide and how it has improved business for them.

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