How To Be Successful In The Restaurant Industry

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Menu of a restaurant named "Wine Food"

Running a restaurant can be tricky, especially if you are a first-time restaurateur. This industry is fraught with problems ranging from budget issues to staffing shortages. However, you can have restaurant success with the help of these useful tips to get you going.

Before You Get Started

There are many things to consider before running a restaurant. Once you have a solid business plan in place, your brick-and-mortar foodie spot can become a reality.

  • Concept – What is the whole idea behind your restaurant? Focus on the type of food you want to serve, and whether the setting will be casual, contemporary, or upscale. Most of all, consider what makes your restaurant unique.
  • Budget – How much can you afford to spend on your restaurant? Your budget should take into consideration the cost of equipment and supplies, furniture, décor, labour, advertising, and the venue itself. You may need to borrow funds from a financial institution or approach investors to raise enough capital to get your restaurant off the ground.   
  • Restrictions – Make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations before signing a lease or making a purchase of your new space.  This entails knowing the type of establishment that is permitted in the municipal bylaws, the occupancy capacity, parking availability, and any restrictions that may arise due to a conflict of interest with other food businesses within the facility.  

Are you Ready?

When you are fully prepared, you can start using these tips toward your restaurant’s success.

  • Quality Ingredients – Know your budget and buy the highest quality ingredients to work with.  Fresh is always best so ensure you shop at the local markets and keep your menu updated with seasonal items. Your customers will taste the difference between a cocktail made with a premixed bar lime product versus freshly squeezed lime. The effort you put into changing your menu to match the season will be greatly appreciated by your patrons.  Satisfied customers will return when they have had a positive experience.
  • Top-Notch Appliances – Just as with your food purchases, you need top-quality appliances to prepare excellent meals. This way, you are also at less risk of your stove or oven quitting halfway through a service. When you buy reliable brands, you can count on fewer repairs, longevity, and accuracy for temperature settings.  So, you will save money in the long run when you budget for high-end kitchen appliances.
  • USP – A unique selling point shows what you offer that your competitors don’t. Hone in on this by presenting meals that are made differently. For instance, cook with ingredients growing in a garden at the back of your restaurant. This will draw customers to you. Create dishes that exude your unique style or play on a traditional family recipe.  This creates intrigue which leads to more foot traffic.
Blackboard with "Success, go get it" written
  • Expand – Use your food and tech knowledge to expand your reach with a restaurant online ordering system. You will add more profit to your business when you have the chance to grab an additional set of customers who regularly order in. It is easy to set up a food ordering system. Look for a company that works with you to build your website, offers support, and helps with organizing your online menu. All you need to do is pay a one-time fee, then make the food of course. 😉
  • Heart – Be recognized as a business with a large heart by donating to non-profit organizations that help curb homelessness and hunger in your city. You might want to consider setting up a buffet-style food day where you provide meals to those in need. This helps build an emotional connection to your community and shows that your business is about more than making a profit.
  • Social Media – Do you want to be seen and heard? Create social posts and write fun captions that show off the food you serve. Mouthwatering photos lead people right to your door. Likes and shares on platforms like Instagram help your business see exponential restaurant success as they get passed on from one person to another. When your food is talked about on social media, you are more likely to get referral business.
  • Appreciate Your Staff – When you show appreciation for your staff, they work harder for you. Offer bonuses for a job well done and let your team members know they can always come to you with creative ideas or concerns. 
  • Consistency – It is crucial to be consistent with your service, food quality and atmosphere. By maintaining friendly staff and having delicious fresh ingredients it shows your customers you care. Keep in mind that an occasional change is good to refresh the look of your restaurant and update your menu with new items. It should be appealing to the eye as well as appealing to the palette.   

A Passion for Food

Of course, hard work is at the core of any restaurant success. All these tips and dedication to your craft will help you reap the rewards of the industry.  At 247 Waiter, we are here to help you grow and branch out through an online ordering system that works.  

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