Tips To Increase Online Ordering Sales At A Restaurant

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Girl receiving her food prep order

Do you want to increase your food establishment profits? The best online ordering system for restaurants will improve your visibility, increase your sales, and streamline your processes.  Customers want a simple way to choose their meals and place an order all from your website. The solution is a software program that highlights your menu options and has a secure checkout system. Eliminate the high cost of commissions and fees charged by delivery companies by having your own all-in-one system.   Are you ready to reap the rewards of an online ordering system and increase your sales?  The benefits go beyond ease of use.

Increased Sales? How?

You need orders to increase sales and the way to do that is to make it easy for your customers to find you. Here are a few tips to add profit to your business through online sales.

Schedule orders When you have online ordering, you can get organized. Allow your customers to order any time of the day or night and schedule a delivery or pick-up within your operating hours. When you head to your restaurant at the start of the day you will see every order allowing you to prepare and organize in advance. You will know which orders are for pick-up and how many need your delivery services. Your website is available 24 hours to grab the attention of hungry diners surfing the net.  

Google My Business – Ensure your restaurant is visible when people search Google. Having a Google My Business account means people will be able to find you when searching for a “restaurant near me”. You can provide a link to your system for restaurant ordering which makes it easy for potential customers to navigate their way to online orders.

Pricing – Make sure you research what price range works for your online meal offerings. By understanding your customer needs and preferences you can adjust your menu to suit the demand. An online restaurant ordering system allows you to compile data from every customer so you can analyze what items are selling. This insight provides valuable information and helps you stay on target for pricing and profits.

Another way to do this is to look at competitor restaurants and see how they are pricing their items, so you stay within market range. As time goes on, you may want to adjust the prices of your meals to stay current in an ever-changing industry. Small incremental price changes will hardly be recognized whereas sudden drastic changes can cause customers to take their business elsewhere.  

Woman keeping a track of all the boxes
  • Reviews – Positive reviews enhance your business. The restaurant industry relies on its clients to keep it running. Encourage reviews by asking for feedback specific to your clients’ online ordering experience.  You can publicize the reviews on your website for others to see, encouraging them to order food from your establishment.  
  • Search Engine Optimization – Grab the attention of your target audience, letting them find your business by using keywords on your website. When people search for your type of food, specific keywords will draw them to your website. Create custom titles for your dishes that focus on keywords people often search for. Appearing on the first few pages of a search engine result helps to bring new diners to your restaurant and online ordering system.  
  • Promotions – Everyone loves a good deal so why not encourage online ordering with limited-time offer promotion codes. The fear of missing out on a deal leads customers to order during the promotional period. Provide codes during times business tends to be a bit slower which helps boost your revenue in much needed periods.
  • Social Media Promotion – In today’s digital world, many people use social media platforms like Instagram. Utilize the popularity of this media to promote your dishes. Posts with colourful, detailed, and drool-worthy images draw attention and can create a desire to place an order. Social media is all about sharing. Have a profile with posts asking for others to post a story of their favourite dish. Customer interaction reinforces your online ordering menu and when they tag you in a post you can track how successful your campaign is. This encourages friends of friends to view your restaurant and can help add to your sales.
  • Offer an Array of Payment Options – The best online ordering system for restaurants accepts many payment options from credit cards and gift cards to mobile app payments and payment upon delivery. The more choices a customer has, the more likely they are to order from you. Having a user-friendly mobile app opens your online ordering market up even further.

Sales = Online Ordering

The best online ordering system for restaurants grows your business and increases sales. Connect with us at 247 Waiter to start expanding your business right away. Online ordering really makes all the difference. 

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