How Does An Order-Taking System Enhance Restaurant Services?

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Restaurant ordering system app on a smartphone

The best online ordering system for restaurants should be easy to use and improve productivity. The current trend of consumers ordering in is increasing and doesn’t look as though it is slowing down anytime soon. It’s not just a simple pizza people are choosing to have delivered, but complete meals from contemporary food restaurants to upscale culinary delights are in demand. It’s time your business takes advantage of this popular shift in consumer dining so your restaurant can increase profits by attracting more orders and new customers.

Restaurant Services Enhanced

So, how exactly does a system for restaurant ordering help?

  • Speeds Up the Process – Customers who want to eat from your establishment may spend time waiting in line on busy nights, but only for so long. Their hunger might take over before you have a table ready and without an online ordering system they may head to your competitor. Online ordering gives your customers another way to enjoy your food without the wait. They can simply order ahead of time and pick up their meal when the system notifies them that their food is ready. Not only is this convenient, but it helps to retain the customer.  
  • Reliable – The chance of human error is decreased when you have an online ordering software in place.  Ordering online helps you avoid miscommunication that often occurs when a staff member takes a phone order. Confusion can come from language barriers or distractions resulting in costly mistakes.  When your customer can enter their order details directly into the system it will be exactly what they choose. This removes the margin for human error and saves you the cost of having to replace a dish or issue a refund for an item the customer didn’t ask for.  An online ordering system calculates everything for you including the meal, taxes, and delivery. Profits are less likely to be accidentally lost due to a staff member’s miscalculation.
  • Improved Customer Service – Take the added responsibility off your wait staff by using an online ordering system. When your staff members are not frantically trying to deal with take-out orders along with lines of people wanting to dine in all at once, they are more at ease and happier at work. This helps improve customer service as it allows your servers to pay extra attention to your current dine-in customers. The results are happy customers and repeat business.
  • Enhanced Security and Inventory Control – When it comes to manually taking orders, staff members might try to skew the bill so they can get a free drink or snack, stealing from your business. Even though you take great care with who you are hiring, things happen. With the best online ordering system for restaurants, you can be sure that orders coming through the system are accurate because machines don’t steal. This helps you control your food costs thereby improving your profits.
  • Valuable Data – By using an online ordering system you gain valuable insight into your customers’ habits and choices. The data provides a host of information like where your customers reside, their favourite menu items, and how often they place an order with you. This helps when it comes to catering to your customers. When revising your menu, you know to keep certain items to retain your loyal customers.
man using a restaurant ordering app on his phone

What To Look for With an Online Ordering System

There are several software systems out there but here are some of the top things you should consider when introducing online ordering for your restaurant.

  • Works with Your Restaurant – Match your restaurant ordering system with your type of restaurant and how many orders you typically take in an average week. There are a variety of functions to suit different restaurant styles so stick with what works for your business.
  • Changes with Market Needs – A software provider should match the demands of the industry.   Look for an online food ordering system that continues to add ways for you to improve your workflow.  It should offer ways to integrate your menu, set up your website, and connect to social channels.
  • User-Friendly – An online ordering system should be user-friendly so customers can order without getting confused and bouncing to a different restaurant’s online system. Customers should be able to view the menu, select items, add to the cart, enter their information, and check out quickly.  A section where customers can add notes to an order lets them inform you of preferences or allergy concerns.  
  • Restrictions – Keep control of your point-of-sale system with the ability to set system preferences for staff. Restricting specific functions like refunds or discounts can be limited to managerial staff members to help you oversee transactions.  

Online Ordering Success

The best online ordering system for restaurants helps you improve your workflow, generate business, and offer convenience for your customers. Take full advantage of a program that automates many of the tasks you currently do by hand. You will have more time to focus on food preparation, ambiance, and customer satisfaction. Increase profits by allowing consumers to access your menu for take-out, delivery, or dine-in. At 247 Waiter, we understand your need to enhance the customer experience so connect with us today.

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