Month: June 2014

High-Tech Restaurant Marketing

If any business wants to remain relevant and profitable there is a need to understand that the customer is the most important part of the whole equation. Without customers, there is no business! Therefore it is vital keep your customers happy.

A restaurant or any other business cannot continue with the most basic of operations without customers. In order to bring customers into a restaurant, marketing is vital and not just any kind of marketing but targeted marketing. Most restaurants fail with their marketing because of the way they go about doing it.

Restaurants are known to mail out their menus blindly to zip codes or go around dropping them off in neighborhoods and businesses. They don’t know how effective this is or whether those people are even interested in their type of food. The result of this is lots of energy & money wasted on marketing that doesn’t help the restaurant at all.

For a restaurant that has been in business for a while there are a signification amount of their business from repeat customers. Some of these restaurants fail to take advantage of targeting these existing customers in their marketing and instead spend all their resources in finding new ones. In any business, it is cheaper to market to your existing customers compared with finding new ones.

An advantage of marketing to existing restaurant customers is that they already approve of your food, so when marketing you just have to give them an enticing offer to bring them back for more. Customers become loyal when they see how they are valued and appreciated; on top of that, a satisfied customer will spread the word about the restaurant and soon enough, new customers will come as well.

Marketing to existing customers becomes a lot easier by embracing technology. Restaurant managers need to understand that if they use an online ordering system and over time build a list of their customers then they can start marketing directly to those customers through mail and email. 247Waiter’s online ordering software gives restaurants access to all their customers’ data which means you can market to them directly. For more information, click on the links above to see other features of our restaurant online ordering platform.

Benefits of an Online Ordering System

Online Ordering is one of the newest phenomenons to sweep the restaurant industry and is quickly taking over take-out. With all the benefits associated with this process, it’s a wonder that more restaurants have not already implemented online ordering in their restaurant business. This process has revolutionized the way customers can get food to go, and has made ordering hassles a thing of the past. While traditional takeout methods have stood the test of time, everything changes and restaurants that want to keep up with demand, convenience and customer satisfaction need to consider an online ordering system to keep their business up to the standards of competition.

Online ordering eliminates many problems faced by traditional call-in orders. Many times customers are hard to understand, have an accent, or just simply a bad connection. Special instructions can be left out or unclear. Mix-ups and misunderstandings can lead to orders completed incorrectly that leave customers dissatisfied with their take out experience. Since customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business, repeated mistakes can cripple a business’ profits. Online ordering is a clearer, easier way for customers to place their orders to their own specifications, which are then transmitted directly to your restaurant as they are ordered.

See below an order submitted to the restaurant with special instructions:


An online ordering system not only eliminates misunderstandings, but it makes the ordering process much simpler for the customer as well. By having the ability to look at the menu and make their selections, they no longer need to ask what’s available, what side choices are options, or whether or not your restaurant carries a certain product. Customers are free to peruse the menu for as long as necessary before placing their order without tying up valuable time on the phone with one of your employees. Customers can order quickly and efficiently, which means they have to wait less time for their food to be ready. No one likes waiting, although it is a fact of life. Online ordering gives customers the convenience of ordering their meal from home, then driving to the restaurant to pick it up at the scheduled time, with as little waiting as possible.

An example of categories & specials, customers make decision on their own:


In addition to customer simplicity, the process of ordering food to go is much more efficient for the business as well. Without needing to spend a large amount of time on the phone answering questions, waiting for answers to options and delays while customers decide, employees can focus on other tasks, like preparing food, seating dine-in customers and ensuring that the service is up to previously determined standards. Having a menu online also makes up-selling an easy and efficient process that no longer relies on one of your employee’s time and effort. By laying everything out in an online menu, customers are easily able to see all the products and options available, and are more likely to purchase.

Options and up-selling:


There is definitely a reason that more and more restaurants are turning Online ordering to better serve their customers. Many customers would rather order online at their convenience than have to place an order on the phone, and many will gravitate towards businesses that provide this extra convenience in order to ensure their order is correct, quick and delicious. While many chains have already jumped on the online ordering bandwagon, it is predicted that many more will join them in the coming years. The word is out, and customers enjoy the convenience and ease of ordering that was previously missing in the take-out process.


Facebook and Restaurant Marketing

Social media, specifically Facebook, is a common way to get your business’ name out to the public. There are many benefits for a restaurant having its own Facebook page. All restaurants should have a Facebook page. A Facebook page allows customers and potential customers to get updates on special promotions and events at the restaurant. In addition, it’s also a great way to share menu updates and job opportunities. Making a Facebook page for your restaurant is free and does not need much time to get it up and running. The benefits & rewards gained from having a Facebook page you’re your restaurant is well worth the few minutes invested in getting one up and running.

When creating your Facebook page, make sure to add your restaurants essentials such as business hours, phone numbers, address (any specific directions) and menu information along with specials and customer favorites or special dishes. You shouldn’t add any personal information such as your home address/personal phone numbers or any other personal info that might be misused. It’s also a great idea to add pictures of your menu items and restaurant on your Facebook page. Let customers see & feel the environment and “taste” the food before they come. This will not only encourage them to visit, but visit more often.

People spend a great deal of time on Facebook. Hours are spent searching for people, updates, events and potential deals. People stumbling onto your restaurant page could mean potentially more business for your restaurant. Having a Facebook page for your restaurant is also great for people who use the “check-in” option. Customers visiting your restaurant can “check-in” and add reviews and along with other people with them. The reviews and “check-ins” will show up on both your Facebook and theirs which allows their connections & friends becoming aware of your restaurant.

Special events or promotions, new menu introductions can be displayed on your page’s wall. Your wall is a place to communicate to your customers and also get their feedback.  When you first make your Facebook page, it’s a good idea to promote it. Add it to your business cards; put a sign on the wall at your restaurant to let customers know you are now on Facebook.