Facebook and Restaurant Marketing

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Social media, specifically Facebook, is a common way to get your business’ name out to the public. There are many benefits for a restaurant having its own Facebook page. All restaurants should have a Facebook page. A Facebook page allows customers and potential customers to get updates on special promotions and events at the restaurant. In addition, it’s also a great way to share menu updates and job opportunities. Making a Facebook page for your restaurant is free and does not need much time to get it up and running. The benefits & rewards gained from having a Facebook page you’re your restaurant is well worth the few minutes invested in getting one up and running.

When creating your Facebook page, make sure to add your restaurants essentials such as business hours, phone numbers, address (any specific directions) and menu information along with specials and customer favorites or special dishes. You shouldn’t add any personal information such as your home address/personal phone numbers or any other personal info that might be misused. It’s also a great idea to add pictures of your menu items and restaurant on your Facebook page. Let customers see & feel the environment and “taste” the food before they come. This will not only encourage them to visit, but visit more often.

People spend a great deal of time on Facebook. Hours are spent searching for people, updates, events and potential deals. People stumbling onto your restaurant page could mean potentially more business for your restaurant. Having a Facebook page for your restaurant is also great for people who use the “check-in” option. Customers visiting your restaurant can “check-in” and add reviews and along with other people with them. The reviews and “check-ins” will show up on both your Facebook and theirs which allows their connections & friends becoming aware of your restaurant.

Special events or promotions, new menu introductions can be displayed on your page’s wall. Your wall is a place to communicate to your customers and also get their feedback.  When you first make your Facebook page, it’s a good idea to promote it. Add it to your business cards; put a sign on the wall at your restaurant to let customers know you are now on Facebook.

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