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5 Quick and Easy Restaurant Marketing Tips

Whether you are new to the restaurant business, or you have been in the field for years, there is no getting around the fact that you need to have good marketing if you hope to succeed. Word of mouth can still be powerful, but you need to make sure you have a strong online presence. In fact, even much of the word of mouth marketing happens online today via reviews and your customers talking about how much they liked your restaurant on social media. It has a huge influence.

The following are some simple and effective tips that will help you increase visibility for your restaurant so you can start getting more customers.

1. Geotargeted Advertisements

When you are marketing your restaurant, you need to think locally. Utilizing geo-targeted ads is a fantastic idea. It can help you to save some money, as your ads will only be shown in the cities and geographic areas that you choose. Since most people are looking for food near where they live or where they are vacationing, this ensures that you have the right potential customers looking at your ad. After all, if you have a restaurant in Tucson, you do not want to have your ads running for people in Bangor.

You can use geotargeted ads through many of the advertising services available today including Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords.

2. Utilizing Yelp

Set up an account for your business on Yelp. This is a highly popular site that many people frequent when they want to learn more about what a restaurant can offer. You want to add your location, the menu, the price range, photos, hours, and any other features of your restaurant that customers would appreciate knowing before they arrive.

If you respond to reviews on Yelp, whether they are positive or negative, you need to maintain a positive, professional, and nonconfrontational stance. If a customer has a legitimate complaint, see what you can do to make it right.

3. Consider a Loyalty Program

While this might not work for all restaurants, it can be a good option for many. Loyalty programs are a fantastic way to get your customers to keep coming back for more. It is also simple to implement. You can simply print up some cards that you stamp whenever the customer comes in and makes a purchase. After a certain number of purchases, they can receive a discount or a free item. Plenty of places have had success with this including sandwich chains and coffee chains. It can work for you, as well.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is important for all types of businesses today, including those in the food industry. You should have a strong presence on the most popular sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Utilize other social media sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, as well. You can upload photos of your restaurant, your food, and more to help capture the interest of people on those sites, who can then share the information and talk about your restaurant. This is the digital word of mouth marketing mentioned earlier.

5. Great Photos and a Great Website

Most people are going to want to check out your website before they come to the restaurant. It will give them a better idea of what they can expect when they arrive. If you don’t have a website up and running yet, you are behind the pack. If you do have a website, you need to make sure it is fully functional and that it provides the visitors with a good experience. It should be easy to navigate, have a good layout, and all the necessary information about your eatery. This includes a menu and photos of your restaurant and your food. It is a massive part of your marketing today, and you can’t do without one. It doesn’t matter if you are a large restaurant or a small food truck. Want to set your restaurant apart from the crowd, offer online ordering on your site! This is not only convenient for your customers, but lets you save time/money not answering calls & also your customers don’t have to resort to the food portals to order from you through the food ordering portals.

Marketing is one of the aspects of your business that will continue to evolve, and you need to continually look for new and effective ideas to use. Start improving your marketing today.

5 Things Your Restaurant Website Needs to Improve

5 Things Your Restaurant Website Needs to Improve

Many of the restaurant websites out there today are big on flash and little on substance or quality, and that is hurting their business. Having loud music that starts playing as soon as a visitor arrives to the site without a way to turn it off, difficult navigation, and fuzzy photos of food are just some of the problems that website restaurants suffer from today. People know they need to have a website, but they simply have no idea what goes into making a good site. Fortunately, you can fix these things and get your website into stellar shape.

1. Clear and Simple Navigation

When a customer comes to your restaurant website, they do not want to be greeted with useless information on the front page, and they do not want to have to turn off videos and music that you have on the site. They want to know about the type of food you serve, your hours, your location, and the menu. You need to make sure the navigation for the site is simple, and that it is easy to get to all your pages with a click or two.

This does not mean your website needs to be boring. It can and should have personality. However, you can add personality in your text and photos. You never want to have eclectic navigation or extraneous features on the site that distract people from their original purpose of visiting.

2. The Right Color Scheme

When developing a website, you need to think carefully about the color scheme that you are using. Colors can do several things. They can Mobile Restaurant Websitehelp with your branding for starters. The colors can also help to make the site easier to read. If you have ever tried to read red text on a green background or vice versa, you know it is nearly impossible. You want everything to be as easy for your visitors as possible, and you also want their experience to be comfortable. Use complementary colors that go well together and always make sure the text is legible and large enough for people to read without trouble.

It’s best if your overall website theme is just a few colors, not every color in the rainbow! You don’t have to limit yourself to these colors, but you don’t want to have so many colors that they become distracting. Consider the overall aesthetics of your site, and err on the side of simplicity rather than extravagance.

3. Good Locally Targeted Content

You should have good content on your site that targets the local area. This simply means using the name of the city or town where the restaurant is located, as well as the neighborhood. This helps to improve SEO, and it allows people who are looking for a restaurant in your area to more easily find yours when they are searching through Google or one of the other search engine sites.

Your pages should all have your location information on them, along with your phone number. The site should also have an about us page, where you can go into more detail about your restaurant and its history and mission. You can also add geotargeted content to that page, as well. You should have a menu on the site, and perhaps some descriptions of your most popular dishes.

However, you do not have to stop there when it comes to content. You can add a blog and continually add fresh content at least once per week. This will make the search engines love your site even more. You can create an array of different content for your blog. You could add information about some of the employees, contests at the restaurant, things to do in the area, specials you might be running, and more.

4. Great Photos Are Essential

Pictures are vital to any restaurant website, but many do not add enough photos, or they utilize low quality images thinking that they are “good enough”. If you want to get customers through the door, they need to see what you offer. This means you need to have images of the dishes you serve. You do not need to have a catalog of everything that you make, but having some highlights that can go along with the menu is a great way to whet the appetites of hungry people looking for a place to dine.

In addition to the photos of the food, you should have some photos of the restaurant inside and outside. You might also want to have some photos some staff members. Just make sure all the images are high-quality and that they add to, rather than detract from, the site. If you do not have the capacity to take high-quality images (most phones these days take amazing, great high quality pictures!), hire a photographer who can do it for you.

5. You Need to Have a Mobile Site, Too

Today, many people are looking up restaurants while they are already out and on the go. They use their phones or tablets for this, and that means you need to have a mobile website, or a responsive website, for those guests. The customer should have a good experience, with easy navigation, no matter what device they are using to view your site. If you do not have a mobile site, it could be cutting down on the number of visitors to your restaurant. It is no longer just a good idea to have a mobile site; it is essential.

Here’s a bonus tip for the digital age that can help your restaurant business. Make sure you are a part of the major social media sites, and get active with your fans and followers. It is a great way to build loyalty to your restaurant and to get more people coming back to your restaurant.

Make sure you look at your website with a critical eye and consider the tips in this article so you can see just where you need to improve it. Make your website better and see just what a difference it can make.

Most Important Things to Know About Restaurant Management

Proper restaurant management is far more than just making out the schedule for your workers. While the day-to-day tasks are certainly important as part of management, and they should never be ignored or put on the back burner. However, for restaurant management to be truly effective, it needs to encompass many other elements.

The following, which includes some of those daily tasks, as well as bigger picture elements, are some of the most important things the restaurant owner and management staff should keep in mind. It can help them to run a more successful business.

Making Your Customers Happy Is Vital

You have heard the phrase, “the customer is always right”. It is important to remember that this needs to be true even when the customer is wrong. You want to keep your visitors as happy as possible, and this means making sure that the staff and the management listens to the complaints and concerns of customers and takes them seriously. You have likely seen stories on the Internet where customers have taken to social media and even news outlets to voice their displeasure at the way they were treated. Staff members who have problems with customer service should not deal with the guests.

Keeping customers happy at restaurant

The customers should be greeted when they enter the restaurant and seated as quickly as possible. If there is a wait, inform the guest, and be sure to update them to let them know the status. If the establishment has a bar, let them know that they can have a seat at the bar until their table is ready.

Rude and inconsiderate staff is a surefire way to anger customers and ensure they will never step foot into your restaurant again. The greeters and the wait staff should be pleasant. This does not mean they need to take abuse from the guests, however. If there are problems with the guests, they should contact their supervisor or manager on duty.

Never let a customer leave the establishment angry. Do whatever you can to make them happy if they have a legitimate complaint. Always try to fix the problems immediately. Listen to their problems and take ownership of the mistake.

If you or your staff does not agree with the customer, always stay calm and ask the customer what you could to do make things better. This could include discounting a meal or comping a meal in some cases. It is important to make the customer happy, but not to be taken advantage of – try to negotiate an agreement that will work for the both of you. Empathize with the customer, and apologize to them. The sooner you can solve the issue the better.

You Want to Keep Your Employees Happy

Just as you will want to keep your guests happy, the restaurant owner and management should work to keep their employees happy, as well. When you have a happy staff that enjoys coming to work, it makes the restaurant run smoother and more efficiently. There are plenty of ways that you can make sure you are taking good care of the employees, which can help you retain the best.

First, you need to offer fair wages to those who are working for you. Even if the job itself is great, if you are not paying well, those employees are going to want to seek employment elsewhere. They are working to earn a living.

Keep your restaurant employees happy

If there are any conflicts between employees, it is important to resolve them as quickly as possible while staying neutral. Listen to both sides of the argument and come up with a fair and effective solution. If there is one employee who is causing serious problems or who is constantly at odds with others, talk to them about the issue. In the end, if the employee continues with that sort of behavior, it is generally best to let them go. You never want to let “one bad apple spoil the bunch”, as they say.

Providing performance based perks for the employees is a good way to make them happy and more productive, as well. It is important that you have a perk system set up for the various types of jobs in the restaurant, as well, not just the wait staff. Those who are doing the cooking and the washing should be involved in the perk system, as well.

Ideally, you should have a workplace that is fun. By offering team-building activities, outings, contests, celebrations for birthdays and employment anniversaries, you are showing the employees that you care about them and that you want them to continue working for you.

If you do plan to have outings with the crew at the restaurant, you might want to schedule more than one for the same activity, just so everyone will have a chance to attend. After all, you will still need to have staff at the restaurant to take care of business. Another option is to have certain activities for after the restaurant has closed for the day. Just make sure you never exclude anyone from the events.

It is important to remember that keeping employees happy does not mean that the management at the restaurant can be “walked all over” by the employees. It is about treating the employees well and fairly, and always getting the job done the right way.

Job Expectations and Restaurant Policies Need to Be Clear to Staff

Along with treating the employees well, another major part of proper restaurant management is making sure that all the job descriptions and restaurant policies are made clear to them from the beginning. Much of this will be covered during the training period for new employees.

The employees should know their role in the company and who they can talk to if they have questions or problems. An employee handbook, even for a small eatery, is a good idea. This handbook should contain all the policies in the restaurant including handwashing, talking to customers, dealing with complaints, where and when they can take their breaks, and more. Restaurant Policies and Expectations

If the employees have questions, they should always feel free to speak with the managers for clarification. None of the employees should ever feel afraid to speak with a member of the management about policies, or about any questions they have.

You also need to be clear when it comes to work schedules. They should be posted in the same place each week, and they should be posted early in the event there are conflicts or if people want to switch shifts, if you allow for that. Ideally, you will post the schedules online, as well. You could email the schedules, but doing that is riskier. There is always a chance that an email did not go through.

Having an online hub, which provides the schedules, along with a digital copy of the employee handbook, is generally a more effective option. They can always consult the site when they have questions or need to see their schedule. Still, you should have copies of the schedule up at work, and you should also have copies of the handbook.

Make Your Restaurant Appealing

As a restaurant owner or manager, it is important to get a feel for how customers see your restaurant even before they enter the establishment. You should look at the restaurant with a fresh set of eyes, and make sure that you also engage your other senses.

From the outside, does it appear inviting and clean? If you have landscaping around the restaurant, such as bushes or flowers, they should be well-maintained. The walkways should be clean and they should have no hazards on them that could cause a trip and fall incident. The windows should be clean, as well. Upon entering the restaurant, what are the first things the guests will experience? It should be inviting. If you have music playing, it should not be blaring, and it should add to, rather than detract from, the overall ambiance of the eatery. Do you have proper lighting? Appealing Restaurant

The type of lighting you have may vary based on the type of restaurant you have. Those who are trying to evoke a romantic atmosphere tend to want dimmer lighting, while a buffet will have more lighting since people are going to be going back and forth to their table. Even in dim lighting, it should never be so dim that people have trouble seeing and navigating their way to the tables and the bathrooms.

Speaking of the bathrooms, they need to be kept clean always. Staff should take the time to check the bathrooms regularly and have them cleaned as needed. They should also take stock of the soap, towels, and toilet paper to make sure the customers never run out.

The kitchens and prep areas, as well as the storage areas need to be cleaned and well-maintained, too. These are areas that tend to get dirty, and if they are not cleaned properly, it can cause all manner of problems. It could lead to violations of the health code, it could attract vermin and other pests, and it creates an unpleasant working environment.

Cleaning should be a part of the duties of many of the people who are on staff. Everyone should have their role for cleaning, in addition to their other duties, and they should be sure to clean thoroughly. This also goes for the bussers who are clearing away plates and glasses from the tables. Before seating any new guests, the tables should be spotless.

Ultimately, part of restaurant management is making sure that the restaurant has a good atmosphere. It will help to set the mood of those who come into the restaurant. Music is a good addition, but remember to keep it low enough that people can hear others in their party when they are speaking.

Listen to suggestions from customers and employees when it comes to improving the atmosphere of your restaurant. They may have some good suggestions that are easy to implement and that can make your eatery a more welcoming and friendly place to visit.

Keep the Menu Updated

The menu that you have for your guests should not be one that is overcomplicated, confusing or that has a complex layout. It should always be easy for the customers to find just what they need whether it is appetizers, main dishes, drinks or dessert. Arrange the items on the menu in logical groups.Keep Restaurant Menu Updated

You should also have your menu on your website, and it should have the same layout as the menus you use in your restaurant. If someone has already looked at the menu you have online, having a menu with the same basic layout when they arrive at the restaurant is a feature they will appreciate, even though they might not notice it. If it doesn’t have the same layout though, there is a chance they will not be able to find the items that they had their heart set on ordering.

When you add new food, or remove old dishes, you need to update your menu. You need to do this for your online menu, as well as the in-restaurant menu. This way, there will be no issues with customers trying to order items that are no longer served at the restaurant. Updating the menu is also essential because you will likely need to change prices for dishes over time.

If you have weekly specials, you might not want to print out new menu pages for them. You can write the specials on a chalkboard at the entryway, place the pages in placards on the table, or have your servers memorize the specials each day to tell the guests.

These are some of the most important things to consider for those who are managing a restaurant, as well as for the owners of the restaurant. Taking care of the customers and the employees, and providing high quality food are the key ingredients to any successful restaurant endeavor.

Tips to Help Increase Your Restaurant Sales

The goal of any business is to increase sales, but it can sometimes feel as though your restaurant business is stagnating. You might not be losing sales, but you aren’t doing anything to get ahead, either. It is time to work on some different tactics and strategies that can help you improve your profits and surge ahead of the competition. Fortunately, many of these tips are relatively easy to implement. The following tips have the potential to help you increase your sales.

Learning to Upsell

The upsell has been an important part of the restaurant business, and any business for that matter, for ages. However, you’ve probably been to plenty of restaurants where they never even bother with upselling. This is something you need to teach your staff. Upselling can increase the average ticket amount by up to 10% in many cases, and it is simple enough to do.

They simply need to ask the customers if they would like to try any appetizers, or if they would like a dessert or some coffee after the meal. They could let the customers know about other additions that they could get for the meal, such as extra fries, as well. Every little bit helps, and an additional five to 10% on even a fraction of the tickets can make a difference. You might want to give your servers an incentive to help them with upselling, such as a prize for those who have the most upsells in a month.

Do You Offer Online Ordering?

Do you have online ordering available for your customers yet? If you don’t, you could me missing out on a huge opportunity. Many people would like to get food from your restaurant, but they do not have the time to get out. They might be working, they might be at home and simply don’t want to go out for dinner, but they would still like to pick up some great food.

By offering online ordering for pick up, as well as delivery if possible, you can reach a large group of consumers. It is easy to get set up with a site such as 247waiter, which takes care of much of the work for you.

The average amount ordered online tends to be larger than what is ordered in the restaurant. In addition, those who order from you once are very likely to order again, if they had a good experience the first time. This can help to increase your sales without bringing more people into the restaurant. It is a fantastic way to increase your sales without needing to expand your business.

Are You Mobile Ready?

When people are looking for a place to eat today, many will simply pull out their phones and start searching the area for nearby restaurants. You want your establishment to have a good mobile presence. This means you need to have a site that is easy to navigate through phones and tablets. It should be simple for the users to find your address, to search through your menu, and even to call you if needed for reservations or to check the hours. In addition, you should be active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as this can help you to reach even more potential customers.

Offer Catering, Parties, and More

Another way that you can increase your restaurant sales is to offer catering. You could make the food at your restaurant and then have the customers pick it up, or you could provide full catering services. In addition, you might want to host parties, events, and the like at your restaurant. If you have a separate room that could be used for these events, even better. Offering these services is a good way to increase your business, as you can host all different types of functions including birthday parties, anniversaries, office parties, meetings, and more.

Offer New and Exciting Dishes and Drinks and Promote Them

By adding some new and interesting items to the menu occasionally, it can help to breathe some life into your business when things seem like they are stagnating. While the old tried and true items on the menu might never leave, that does not mean you can’t be creative. In fact, you should be creative and start to add new items, including food and drinks. You might want to have holiday specials or seasonal dishes that you can promote, as well. With some great descriptions and photos, and the right marketing push, it can help to bring more customers into your restaurant.

Have a Special Event at the Restaurant

Consider some of the different types of special events that might work well for your establishment. Perhaps you could have a live musician come in once a week, or on the weekends, to entertain your guests. Maybe you could have a karaoke night, or a half price drinks night. Depending on the type of restaurant or bar you run, there are plenty of interesting options that could work well for you. Think outside of the box and make it memorable.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a fantastic way to increase your sales. For example, a reward card that requires ten purchases for one free item means that a customer needs to come to your eatery and order ten times. The more customers who are a part of this program, the greater the chance of return visits. This can substantially increase your sales, and you have nothing to lose. Even with the cost of the free item, you will more than make up for it with those other ten sales!

Increase the Prices

Finally, you can increase the prices. However, you should only increase them a small amount. You want to make a profit and increase your sales, but you do not want to gouge your customers.

With these tips, you can increase your restaurant sales, and it is easier than you might have thought. Always keep an eye out for other cost effective ways that you can boost your sales.