2017 June

Restaurant Apps

15 Jun: How Apps Can Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Restaurant management and operations professionals have had to face an amazing amount of change in the past few years. Technology, though already a huge part of daily life, has flooded the restaurant industry and this is in direct response to an increase in consumer reliance on mobile devices, apps and electronics of all kinds. Unfortunately, though all of these gadgets and advances are meant to make the lives of restaurant management and operations easier, they can also be a bit overwhelming and confusing. So, to help clarify the ways you can use these options for restaurant marketing and restaurant management…

restaurant operating costs

02 Jun: Can Your Eatery Use Less Energy? Tips for Cutting Operating Costs

Restaurant bottom lines…they are a subject that all restaurant management and operations professionals are obsessed with because it is the bottom line that shows how well you are doing your job. Every decision that the restaurant management and operations professional makes has an impact on the profitability of the establishment or chain of eateries. There is a seemingly endless list of issues that could affect that figure, including staffing expenses, materials and inventory, premises rental or mortgage, property upkeep (inside and out), and more. One area where many restaurants struggle to keep costs in check is where their energy is…