Three Spice Thai Kitchen
16400 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA, US, 90247

Restaurant Hours

Sunday thru Thursday 11:00AM - 09:30PM

Friday thru Saturday 11:00AM - 10:00PM

House Specials***Price may change without notice. Any additional, substitutions will result in additional charge. No check accepted.

The First 4 items , please choose Choice of :
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu or vegetable $10.25
Shrimp or Squid add $ 2.50
Combination Seafood or Lamb add $ 2.95

Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut

Water chestnut, white & green onion wok fried to retain a crispy texture of its nature.


Basil & Chili (Pad Kra-Pao)

A Bangkok sidewalk's favorite. It is popular among the Thais and known as no-brainer dish. Mince garlic, Thai chili, fish sauce, and basil leaves added at last moment.


Spicy Crunchy Garlic

Freshly ground pepper and minced garlic. Topped with crunchy fried garlic.


Ginger & Trio Mushroom

Young ginger and a trio of Shiitake, Garden, and Black mushrooms in our soy and green onion sauce.


BBQ Chicken

Half chicken marinated with cumin and coconut milk. Served with garlic fried rice and our signature sweet & sour sauce.


Grilled Pork

A very tradition side street dish that packed with flavorful aroma of various herbs. Served with sticky rice and our signature Thai salsa sauce.


Grilled Salmon

Served with a trio of different sauces; Glazed onion, tamarind, or Panang. Served with cucumber relish, steamed vegetables, and garlic fried rice.


Tendering Beef

A finest cut of New York Steak, served with port wine green peppercorn sauce. Complimented with shiitake mushroom and sweet onion. Served with steamed vegetables and garlic fried rice.


Ultimate Pad Thai Noodle

Fresh lime juice, tamarind sauce, shallot, red onion, green onion, preserved cabbage, egg, roasted ground peanut, coriander, baked tofu, and bean sprouts, mix and stir-fried with glass noodles and seafood


Filet of Sole

Batter deep fried white fish with Chu-Chi red curry sauce. Served with steamed vegetables and steamed rice.


Beef Teriyaki

Lean Tri Tip glazed with ginger teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed vegetables, garlic fried rice, and Asian cream salad.


Steamed Mussel

The smoky richness of mussels is offset beautifully by the sweet acidity of chardonnay, add a symphony aromatic of lemongrass and galangal. Served with steamed rice.


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